SPJ Remains Closed During COVID-19 Lockdown

Update – 14 May 2020

Following the New South Wales Government’s announcement that it will gradually ease restrictions from the COVID-19 lockdown, please be advised that St. Peter Julian’s Catholic Church, Haymarket will remain closed, until further notice.

While this new arrangement from the Government allows the re-opening of places of worship hosting up to ten people at a time, it also requires the Church to be constantly sanitised during opening hours (between services) and enforce crowd control and social distancing measures.  The Government urges all of us to use our judgement and common sense – LIVES COUNT ON IT.

The Blessed Sacrament Congregation at St. Peter Julian’s Church is committed to the dignity of the human person and recognises the importance of humanity’s relationship with God. The invitation to the Eucharistic table is more than the feeding of spiritual needs, it allows the awakening of humanity’s social and moral obligations to protect God’s children.

To continue to protect each other, especially the most vulnerable who frequently visit St. Peter Julian’s Church, and to reduce potential exposure to the virus, the Church will remain closed to the public during these challenging times.  We echo the New South Wales Government’s message – IF YOU CAN STAY AT HOME, YOU MUST STAY AT HOME.

Further review of this decision will be made in early June 2020. 

Peace and Blessings.


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