Broadcast of the 2020 Easter Triduum Liturgies + Easter Sunday

Broadcast of the 2020 Easter Triduum Liturgies + Easter Sunday

Easter 2020 is going to be a very different season for all of us.  Everyday actions and practices that we have all become accustomed to are no longer available and are now being challenged.  During these difficult times, we are all scrambling to find something to grasp onto and to make some meaning out of it all.  I continue to invite to you sit with the unknown and the disturbance within ourselves and look to find what new joys this Easter can bring for us – not just for the present moment but for years to come as well.

The Blessed Sacrament Congregation at St Francis’ Church, Melbourne, have organised, in conjunction with the St Francis’ Choir and friends of the church, a pre-recorded broadcast of the Easter Triduum Liturgies for you.  The intention is for you to celebrate these Easter liturgies with us at the intended time, and be in spiritual Communion with our sisters and brothers in Christ, wherever you are.

So as not to breach the current COVID-19 restrictions and regulations around social distancing, these liturgies were filmed in parts at St Francis’ and merged at a later date. We apologise for the poor sound and picture quality.  You may need to turn the volume up on your devices to listen in carefully.

Our prayers are with you and the rest of the world, that God may give us strength to journey through during these challenging times.

Peace and Blessings.


Click here for the following broadcast:
Maundy Thursday – available on 9 April 20 from 6pm
Good Friday – available on 10 April 20 from 3pm
Easter Vigil – available on 11 April 20 from 7pm
Easter Sunday – available on 12 April 20 from 11am

Orders of Service will be available for download prior to the broadcast times of these liturgies.
Holy Thursday 2020
Good Friday 2020
Easter Vigil 2020
– Easter Day 2020

Two further reflections:
1.   Meditations on the Stations of the Cross – available on 10 April 20 from 12pm (tribute to Bro Vince SSS) … accompanied by extemporisation play by A Halliday (click here for his notes Notes to the Extemporisation).
2. Click here to listen to a recording prepared the St Francis’ Choir – Stabat Mater.


We understand that during these challenging times, there are financial constraints to your household budget.  However, should you wish to donate to support St Francis’ Church and the religious of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation, please follow this link for bank transfer details.  We thank you for your ongoing support.